Cracking the ECE Skills
Cracking the ECE Skills

Tags: Cracking the ECE Skills, Engineering/Computer Science, Computer Science and Information Technology, C Vivekanandan, A Priyanka, Shriram K. Vasudevan, D.P. Kothari

Cracking the ECE Skills

This book is organized into chapters systematically. For each chapter the questions along with multiple choice answers and the right answer with reasons are detailed in this book which makes it stand out from rest of the publications in similar areas. Each question has been marked with Level of difficulty identifier. As authors are from different domains namely, Computer science and Embedded System, Electrical and Electronics and communication engineering side, they have tried to cover all the major aspects of the interviews happening in these core areas. The questions are selected in such a way that the reader is prepared to face any technical interview in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Computer networking, Communications, embedded systems, microprocessors, micro controllers, antennas and radars. This book helps engineers in gaining knowledge and develop problem solving ability in interpreting the machine requirements when they work in collaboration with systems, hardware and mechanical engineers to generate and design the machine types.
  • Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems.
  • Digital Electronics
  • Communication Engineering
  • Electrical Machines
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics
  • Antennas and Radar
  • Computer Networks
  • Mechanical and Electronics
  • Objective type questions book, focused more towards Electronics and Communication Engineering along with other closely related fields.
  • Questions are selected in such a way that the reader is prepared to face any technical interview in these areas
  • Communication engineering related questions discussed in this book will bring together all electrical engineering disciplines along with systems engineering knowledge to enhance telecommunication systems.
  • Valuable for the readers to gain sufficient knowledge in object detection systems and crack the interviews.


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