Design of Machine Elements, 2/e
Design of Machine Elements, 2/e

Tags: Design of Machine Elements, 2/e, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, Engineering/Computer Science, T Krishna Rao

Design of Machine Elements, 2/e

Design of Machine Elements (Volume 1) is based on the syllabus for B.E. / B. Tech courses. This book thoroughly illustrates the cases of various problems of design of machine elements. Variety of problems both with practical relevance and various examinations are being solved and presented in a simple and systematic way. This helps the students to understand and learn the subject with ease.

This book comprises 12 chapters, namely,
2.Theories of Failure
3.Stress Concentration
4.Fluctuating or Variable Loads 
5. Impact Loading 
6. Shafts
7.Keys and Couplings
8.Power Screws
9.Bolted Joints
10.Mechanical Joints
11.Riveted Joints
12.Welded Joints Index



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