Dot Net Technology
Dot Net Technology

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Dot Net Technology

Dot Net Technology is meant for those who already have a basic understanding of Internet Technologies and are now ready to learn how to write advanced Internet enabled programs using Dot Net Technologies like ASP.Net, C#, Ado.Net, VB.Net, etc. Each of the technologies is presented in a straightforward fashion by discussing in detail the necessary components and briefly touching on the more advanced components.
The book differentiates itself from the other books available in the market, by providing lot of practical examples. The book takes the reader through all the steps of getting, installing, configuring and using Dot Net Technologies. The more essential applications are covered in depth, and pointers are given which enable the reader to acquire more information on any subject.
This book is based upon the undergraduate and graduate IT syllabus of various universities. Undergraduate and graduate students of IT programs and computer professionals who may be interested in using Dot Net Technologies at work will find the book highly useful.

1.Introduction to Microsoft.Net framework 
2.Introducing C# programming
3.Building Windows and Web Forms 
5.Building ASP.NET websites 
8.Web services 
9.Website deployment 
• This book helps the reader in learning to write advanced internet enabled programs
   using Dot Net Technology like ASP.Net, C#, Ado.Net, VB.Net, etc.
• Has dedicated chapters on web services and website development.
• Provides an introduction and objectives of the chapter in the beginning, and ends
   with a summary and notes on further reading.
• Program codes and screenshots have been used extensively to give a hands-on feel
  to the book. 


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