Earthquake Hazards and Mitigation
Earthquake Hazards and Mitigation

Tags: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Earthquake Hazards and Mitigation, R. Ayothiraman, Hemanta Hazarika

Earthquake Hazards and Mitigation

The international workshop on Earthquake Hazards and Mitigation was held in Guwahati, India during 7-8 December 2007. This proceedings contains 5 keynote lectures, 11 invited lectures and 44 contributed papers presented in the workshop under the following broad themes: 1. Engineering Seismology and Seismic Hazard 2. Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering 3. Structural Earthquake Engineering 4. other related issues This book reflects the present state-of-the-art of estimation of various earthquake hazards and their mitigation. It will be of extreme interest to engineers, researchers, scientists, faculty members and students working in these areas.
1 .Keynote 
2. Lectures 
3. Invited Lectures on Engineering Seismology and Seismic Hazard 
4. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 
5. Structural Earthquake Engineering
6. Other related issues
  • A compilation of 60 articles, it is broadly divided into the following themes: engineering seismology and seismic hazards, geotechnical earthquake engineering, structural earthquake engineering, and other related issues. 
  • Explores innovative methods for prediction and mitigation of hazards considering the future earthquakes for building sustainable/safe infrastructures and ensuring safety of community. 
  • Includes studies on many of the earthquakes which have taken in the past, and the lessons that can be taken from these.
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