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There will always be tourists. In spite of terrorist attacks which have had a decimating effect on the whole Tourism Industry throughout the world. Mankind has an uncanny knack of  bouncing back. To make a new world for the 21st century, we need to develop Ecotourism on a much larger scale and educate the public to get back to the beauty of nature and preserve what is left of the ecology in the environment. This book will help the students, research scholars and teachers in providing the latest information on the tourism industry. It sets out in detail all of the aspects of the different types of tourist, details of destinations and means of transport. Above all, we must respect the laws and cultures of other countries throughout ecotourism, we have a chance to renew and beautify the world.
1. Introduction 
2. History of Tourism 
3. Tourism Types and Motivations 
4. Significance of Tourism 
5. Tourism Marketing 
6. Dimensions of the Hotel Industry and Globalization 
7. Transport in Tourism 
8. Tourism Products, Advertising and Promotion 
9. Different Countries and Organizations in Tourism 
10. Ecotourism 
11. Tourism Policy and Planning 
12. Information Technology in Tourism 
13. Glossary 
14. Appendices 
15. References 
16. Index.
  •  Helps the readers to expand their knowledge on all the aspects and challenges of tourism, the need for ecotourism, marketing, transport, policies, IT, organizations, planning and so on.
  • Provides all important terms in the glossary at the end of the book, followed by appendices, which includes, list of fairs and festivals of India, education in travel and tourism institutes overseas, tables showing different data tourist arrivals, foreign exchange earnings, etc.


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