Electric Circuit Analysis
Electric Circuit Analysis

Tags: Electric Circuit Analysis, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, B. Subramanyam

Electric Circuit Analysis

Electric Circuit Analysis provides a comprehensive and critical analysis of electrical circuits for better understanding of the physical systems using electrical simulating systems. It helps the students of EEE and ECE to thoroughly know the state-of-the-art of this subject. Each chapter functions as a stand-alone guide to a critical topic. Most of the important topics covered in this book provide greater details, to use them properly in understanding of electrical machines, power systems, control systems, electronic devices and circuits, pulse digital and power electronic circuits. A large number of solved numerical problems selected from GATE, UPSC and other university examinations are included. A large section of MCQs is included at the end of the book. This book is suitable for undergraduate courses in Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Enginnering. It is also useful for practising engineers and those appearing for Engineering Services Examinations like GATE, UPSC, etc.

1.Network Components and Network Equations
2.Network Topology
3.Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis of Electrical Circuits
4.Transient Response of Electrical Circuits
5.Resonance in AC Circuits
6.Locus Diagrams
7.Fourier Analysis of AC Circuits
8.Polyphase Circuits
9.Network Theorems 
10.Two-Port Parameters
11.Network Functions

  • Provides an exhaustive treatment of principles of electric circuit and network concepts. 
  • Covers Mesh and Nodal equations for different networks in detail. 
  • Includes about 400 worked numerical problems within the chapters. 
  • A special section on Examples contains 202 examples with solutions, along with 100 objective type questions with answer key.
  • Further explains Dual Networks in the book-end appendix.


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