Electronic Devices and Circuits
Electronic Devices and Circuits

Tags: Electronic Devices and Circuits, Physical Sciences, Physics, G S N Raju

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electronic Devices and Circuits contains the fundamentals of electronic devices and their applications. The book is centred around the basic characteristics, analysis, design and application aspects of conductors, insulators, semi-conductors, resistors, inductors, capacitors, basic network theorems, test and measuring meters, fabrication techniques, diodes, transistors, amplifiers and oscillators. The fundamentals concepts of the subject are described pointwise for easy readability and grasp. Several solved problems, objective-type questions and multiple-choice question with answers, exercise questions with solution manual and a large number worked out examples, besides 27 experiments conducted for all the engineering and scient students are the highlight of the book. The entire content in the book is provided in a logical, orderly and a self-understandable manner.
1.Common Electronic Materials and Properties 
2.Passive Components, DC Sources, Circuits Theorems and Basic Meters 
3.Electrodynamics and CRO 
4.Diode: Characteristics and Applications 
5.Rectifiers and DC Power Supplies 
6.Transistor Characteristics and Applications 
7.Transistors Biasing and Stabilization Techniques 
8.Analysis of Transistor Amplifiers Using Hybrid Equivalent Circuits 
9.Field Effect Transistors 
10.Feedback Amplifiers 
11.Power Amplifiers 
12.Power Devices 
14.Operational Amplifiers and Applications 
16.Multiple Choice Questions 
  • Detailed theory, operation and application of devices and circuits 
  • 1000 objective type question and answers 
  • 150 solved problems 
  • 100 exercise problems with solution manual 
  • 27 experiments 
  • Power consumption details
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