Energy, Ecology and Environment
Energy, Ecology and Environment

Tags: Energy, Ecology and Environment, Earth and Environmental Sciences, S V S Rana

Energy, Ecology and Environment

This book presents a comprehensive text for undergraduate students of engineering for their core course in Environmental Science and Engineering and for elective courses in Environmental Pollution, Environmental Health and Environmental Engineering. It introduces the reader to different areas of ecology, environmental science and engineering. Furthermore, the concept of social issues and the environment have also been discussed. It covers a wide range of topics such as energy, global environmental problems, solid waste management, air pollutants and their effects, water pollution and their effects, soil pollution and noise pollution.
Energy and Environment Global Environmental Problems Atmosphere and Air Pollution Hydrosphere, Water Pollution and Waste Water Treatment Lithosphere, Land and Soil Pollution Noise Pollution 
  • Discusses the problems related with air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, solid waste and soil pollution, along with case studies. 
  • Management and control issues are duly emphasized. 
  • Every chapter has review questions.


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