Engineering Economics and Costing
Engineering Economics and Costing

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Engineering Economics and Costing

Engineering Economics and Costing focuses on two most important components of Cost and Economics for engineers. Engineers should have the knowledge of cost  how the cost elements are built up in different industries like, Manufacturing Industries, Process Industries and even Job Shops. The underlying belief is that only with the pertinent knowledge engineers can control and improve cost. The interesting thing is that they are the creator of cost. There are some Core Competencies which should also be known to them. Those Core Competencies are essential for better Cost Management. These Core Competencies are:  Cost Model; Cost Estimate;  Pareto Diagram; Ishikawa Diagram;  Payback Period; Return on Investment;  Discounted Cash Flow; Internal Rate of Return;  Make or Buy Decision  Life Cycle Costing. In addition to above knowledge, the engineers should also have knowledge of the following techniques.  Target Costing;  Design to Cost and  Should Costing. At the end of each chapter, objective type questions and the problems have been provided. The answer of each type of questions are also given for the benefit of the readers. This book is meant to be user friendly and is focused on building an affinity for cost.

Part I: Cost Engineering
1. Introduction
2. Elements of Cost
3. Direct Material Cost
4. Direct Labour Cost
5. Direct Expenses
6. Overhead
7. Methods of Costing
8. Standard Costing
Part II: Engineering Economics: Concepts, Methods, and Techniques
9. Types of Costing
10. Methods
11. Target Costing
12. Design to Cost
13. Should Costing/Should Cost Analysis



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