Environment and Ecology
Environment and Ecology

Tags: Environment and Ecology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Anuj Kumar Purwar

Environment and Ecology

The advancement and improvement in the fields of technology and economy have not only improved the quality of human life but have also paved the way for global environmental degradation. 
In fact, the rapid depletion of natural resources and various environmental problems, viz., deterioration of air quality, global warming and climate change, contamination of water and soil, groundwater depletion and disposal of solid etc. 
are threatening the survival of life on earth.
Environment and Ecology is meant for courses in Environmental Sciences, particularly for engineering and technology students. 
Professionals concerned about the environment, environment ethics and environment literacy will also find this book highly useful.

  1. Introduction 
  2. Ecosystems 
  3. Human Activities and Environment 
  4. Natural Resources 
  5. Energy Resources 
  6. Environmental Pollution 
  7. Global Issues and Disaster Management 
  8. Social Issues and Environmental Acts 
  9. Environmental Management Plan 
  10. Model PaModel Papers 1-II
  11. Index.
• Detailed explanations of the basic concepts
• Modular approach to create environmental awareness.
• Provide basic understanding of the environment and its associated problems.
• Extensive use of graphs, flow charts, tables and block diagrams
• Model examination papers
• Question Bank

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