Environment and Ecology
Environment and Ecology

Tags: Environment and Ecology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Kamal Kant Joshi

Environment and Ecology

The environmental concern is an exigency and an important step for the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity for the coming generations. The relation between humans and animals also determines an ultimate role to serve the Mother Nature. In this book basic concepts of environmental and ecology have been introduced and analyzed in a simple manner strictly as per the syllabus recommended for its undergraduate classes in all disciplines by the UTU and UPTU. This book designed in seven chapters: highlights the components of the environment and its importance; introduces the natural resources, their conservation and case studies; specifies the types ecosystems, ecological pyramids and ecological succession;  discusses the status of biodiversity in India and the measurement techniques, value of biodiversity and conservation strategies; illustrates the environmental social problems like pollution and their prevention and control. Biogeochemical cycles are also included; designates the energy sources like renewable and nonrenewable energy, minerals and drought; provides the Environmental laws and policies in brief. At the end of each chapter are being included exercise (short and descriptive questions) and objective type questions.
Environment and Ecology
2.Natural Resources
4. Biodiversity
5.Environmental Pollution and Social Issues
6.Energy Resources 
7.Environmental Law 
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