Environmental Meteorology
Environmental Meteorology

Tags: Environmental Meteorology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, B. Padmanabha Murty

Environmental Meteorology

Applications of meteorological principles to environmental problems, though broadly known, are neither widely understood nor studied in detail. With increasing awareness of environmental status and for sustainable development without environmental degradation, much care is being taken, particularly in respect of atmospheric environment. Even though Environmental Meteorology forms part of the curriculum of M.Sc. (Environmental Science) in universities there is no comprehensive textbook available on the subject. This book, encompassing all the aspects of Environmental Meteorology, is being brought forth sensing that very lacuna. Besides being used as a textbook, it would also serve as a reference book to Environmental Experts as well as Scientists/Engineers in State and Central Pollution Control Boards, as also industries like Indian Oil Corporation, National Thermal Power Corporation and the likes.
  • Preface 
  • Atmosphere, Its Nature and Importance 
  • Ecology and Environment 
  • Meteorological Fundamentals 
  • Atmospheric Diffusion
  • Meteorological Instruments
  • Application Of Meteorology To Air Pollution
  • Air Quality 
  • Urban Impacts On Meteorological Parameters
  • Urban Air Pollution Models
  • Environmental Indices
  • Appendix – I Some Statistical Principles Commonly Used in the Air Pollution Data Analysis
  • Appendix – II Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix – III Conversion Factors and Useful Information
  • References
  • Subject Index
  • Author Index
• Covers all the aspects of environmental meteorology like atmosphere, its nature and importance, ecology and environment, meteorological fundamentals, atmospheric diffusion, etc.
• Several examples from the Indian environment and meteorological aspects are provided.
• Appendices include statistical principles commonly used in the air pollution data analysis, glossary of terms, and conversion factors and useful information.
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