Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies

Tags: Environmental Studies, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Gouri Suresh, U.S Hampannavar

Environmental Studies

This book deals with the environmental issues in an integrated manner. Topics like Natural Resources, Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Pollution, relationships of Environmental Sciences with social issues and human populations have been discussed in detail as per the module syllabus formulated by UGC for Environmental Studies at the undergraduate level in all streams including various branches of Engineering as well as MBA. At the end of each chapter, a large number of questions of various types are given. The last chapter deals exclusively with fieldwork in which practical suggestions have been given for work in various situations. Answers to multiple choice questions are given in one of the five appendices.

UNIT 1: Multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies
UNIT 2: Natural Resources      
UNIT 3: Ecosystems       
UNIT 4: Bio-diversity and Its Conservation
UNIT 5: Environmental Pollution      
UNIT 6: Social Issues and Environment     
UNIT 7: Human Population an the Environment   
Unit 8: Field Work
Appendix – 1, Appendix – 2, Appendix – 3  

• Gives a good overview of natural resources, ecosystem, biodiversity & its conservation,
    pollution & disaster, human and social issues and impacts.
• Includes international conventions and protocols to protect the environment, glossary,
   answers to multiple choice questions, websites and search engines, and some important
   tips for students in the appendices.
• Has a specific chapter on Fieldwork.
• Provides end-of-the-chapter exercises for practice.

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