ERP Systems
ERP Systems

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ERP Systems

ERP is an industry term used for integrated multiple-modules application software package, especially, designed to give support to specific business processes of any organization. ERP systems have revolutionized the working of organizations by integrating all departments across an organization onto a single computer. There is a growing emphasis on the development and implementation of ERP systems in organizations as business requirements are fast changing due to increasing competition. For ERP to be a success ERP must be seamlessly integrated with the organizational culture of any organization. This integration will serve to meet the growing competitive requirements of the organization. 

The book focuses on various aspects of ERP systems that today serve as a central backbone for an organization. The book covers the need for ERP system, its evolution, ERP market and a detailed description of various ERP modules, ERP life cycle, implementation issues, role of vendors and consultants in ERP implementation, future trends, learning and emerging issues. 

This book provides:
• In-depth study of ERP systems and its benefits.
• Describes implementation of ERP.
• Covers various modules of ERP.
• Explains ERP and related technologies such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, 
  databases and data mining.
• Specifies critical success factors for ERP.
• Discusses management issues regarding ERP implementation.
• Compares and predicts future trends in ERP.

The key features of this book include sufficient use of diagrams and tables, “Learning Points” at the end of each subtopic and “Points to Remember” at the end of each chapter so that the concepts can be memorized easily. Exhaustive exercises at the end of each chapter are provided for the students to work out. 

The book will prove useful for students of both management and technical courses of different universities. It will also serve as an excellent starting point for professionals who are involved in ERP.

1.An Introduction to ERP 
2.ERP Life Cycle 
3.ERP Market 
4.ERP Modules 
5.Framework for Evaluating ERP Acquisition 
6.Analytical Hierarchy Process 
7.ERP Implementation 
8.Soft System Approach 
9.ERP and Related Technologies 
10.ERP—A Manufacturing Perspective 
11.Learning and Emerging Issues 


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