Essentials of Genetics
Essentials of Genetics

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Essentials of Genetics

The book covers both the classical and molecular fields of Genetics to enable the students to form an integrated overview of the genetic principles.
During the past couple of decades the science of Genetics has grown at an unprecedented pace and the purpose of this book is to provide up-to-date basic information on the subject that emphasizes the multifaceted complex questions of life. The chapters are descriptive, explicit and provided with relevant material that is organized in a way so as to provide logical and consistent transition of classical genetics into modern genetics. 
It discusses all the aspects of current research in Genetics, Developmental Biology and Genomics. The explanations are clear, lucid and straightforward, with diagrams and plenty of illustrative examples. A pleasant touch is the appearance of a scientoons relating to the text at the end of each chapter. 

1.Contents: Introduction to Genetics 
2.Structure and Organization of Chromosomes 
3.Cell Mechanics 
4.Genetic Material: Properties and Replication 
5.Function of Genetic Material / Mendelian Genetics
6.Sex Determination and Sex Linkage 
7.Extrachromosomal Inheritance 
8.Variations in Chromosome Structure 
9.Variations in Chromosome Number  
11.Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes 
12.Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes 
13.Genetic Control of Metabolism 
15.Human Genetics 
16.Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 
17.Current Trends and Future Prospects in Genetics 

• The book covers both the classical as well as the modern molecular genetics in a 
   logical manner.
• Profusely illustrated with innumerable labelled diagrams, and examples from the real
  world. Cartoons have also been included to make the reading interesting.
• Has a separate chapter on human genetics, discussing the topic in a 360-degree manner.
• Each chapter contains exercises at the end which includes, long answer type, short 
   answer type, and objective type questions.
• A detailed glossary is provided at the end of the book.


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