Ethnobotany Himalayan Region
Ethnobotany Himalayan Region

Tags: Ethnobotany Himalayan Region, Life Sciences, Botany, S.K. Sood, Anjna Kharwal

Ethnobotany Himalayan Region


I. Introduction (Ethnobotany
1. A Multidisciplinary Natural Science, Indigenous Societies, The Himachal Himalayas
2. Land of Ethnic Communities, Current Status of Work on Ethnobotanical Spectrum of Indian Flora, The Study Area and Enumeration);
II. Promising Himalayan Plants for Sustenance of Mankind;
III. Epilogue (Ethnobotanical Spectrum, Observed Density and Availability of Underutilized Plant Resources, Neutraceutical Potential of Some Himalayan Edibles, Native Status of the Ethnobotanical Flora, Economic Valuation of the Source Flora, Conclusion);
IV. Literature Cited;
V. Plates;
VI. Appendices (Index of Families
Appendix I; Index of Uses
Appendix II; Index of Plants Used for Various Edible Preparations
Appendix III; Index of Plants with Additional Uses
Appendix IV, Index of Local Names
Appendix V, Index of Botanical Names
Appendix VI).

  •  First-ever comprehensive ready-reckoner of its type providing up-to-date information on multifaceted uses of promising 335 Himalayan plants.
  • Information based on actual field surveys.
  • Economic valuation of the source flora.
  • Native Status and Availability of the Plant Resources.
  • Neutraceutical Analysis of Some Underutilized Edibles.
  • Text illustrated with 55 colour plates, 42 tables and 25 figures.
  • Five user friendly appendices.


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