Fertilizer Technology and Management
Fertilizer Technology and Management

Tags: Fertilizer Technology and Management, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Brahma Mishra

Fertilizer Technology and Management

Fertilizer Technology and Management provides an introduction to the manufacture, marketing and management of commercial fertilizers. It covers the principles and methods of fertilizer production including raw material requirements and intermediaries, fertilizer marketing, and all aspects of fertilizer management such as quality control, logistics and application methods. The book also includes chapters on the role of fertilizers in agriculture, long-term effects of fertilizers on soil productivity and impact of fertilizer production and use on the environmental quality. The subject matter in all the chapters has global perspective with emphasis on developing countries and Indian conditions. Drawing on the author’s long experience of teaching and research in the field of fertilizer science and soil fertility, this book has been designed as textbook for the students of Agricultural Sciences and allied subjects including Agribusiness Management and Environmental Science in the universities and colleges. The professionals involved with any phase of fertilizer production, marketing and use will find this book useful.
  • Role of Fertilizers in Agriculture /
  • Fertilizer Feedstocks and Raw Materials /
  • Acids used for Fertilizer Production /
  • Ammonia Production /
  • Nitrogen Fertilizers /
  • Phosphate Fertilizers /
  • Potash Fertilizers /
  • Complex and Mixed Fertilizers /
  • Secondary Nutrient fertilizers /
  • Micronutrient Fertilizers /
  • Fertilizer Legislation and Quality Control /
  • Fertilizer Marketing /
  • Fertilizer Logistics /
  • Fertilizer Application /
  • Long-term Effects of Fertilizer Use /
  • Fertilizers and Environmental Pollution /
  • Index
• Covers the subject matter in 16 chapters, explaining the role of fertilizers, various type of fertilizers, their legislation and quality control, marketing, logistics, application, effects, and fertilizers and environmental pollution.
• The text has been dealt on global perspective, and mainly on developing countries including India.
• Enough flow diagrams and tables are provided to explain the text in a clear manner.
• Colour pictures have been included at appropriate places in the book.
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