Fundamentals of Electric Theory and Circuits
Fundamentals of Electric Theory and Circuits

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Fundamentals of Electric Theory and Circuits

"The book by Sridhar Chitta, where electrostatics and electric circuits are treated in a unified way on the basis of surface charges, is one of the rare exceptions in textbooks today. The primary objective of this book is obviously to encourage students to think deeply by themselves and not just to learn and to apply mathematical equations. If students, for instance, just learn about the term potential as "energy per charge" they have not understood much. On the contrary, the majority of students learn such mathematical expressions and unconsciously they feel that they have not understood. As a consequence they might lose interest in further learning. The content offered in Chitta's book can only be "digested" with persistence, activation of spatial imagery and concentrated thinking. For students, properly guided and motivated by faculty or mentors, to easily transcend the limits of merely knowing the circuit and field expressions Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's rules, and Coulomb's law etc., Chitta's book offers the perfect content to deeply understand what they want to and should learn. It explains the nature of electricity in a much deeper manner than almost all the other textbooks. It shows the electrostatic aspect of electric circuits, the behavior of capacitors, the effect of pulses on such elements and many other aspects. Students who have worked through these chapters will leave with an increased self-confidence and the impression that complexity has been reduced, which means something important has been understood." -Dr Hermann Härtel, Guest Scientist, Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (ITAP), University of Kiel, Germany, and Author of the seminal work "THE ELECTRIC VOLTAGE: What do students understand? What can be done for better understanding?"
This textbook gives an in-depth coverage of mechanisms of processes in electric and electronic circuits by taking an intuitive approach to a unified treatment of electrostatics and circuits. The book contains hundreds of illustrations accompanying the textual descriptions which make this book a comprehensive introductory undergraduate textbook on fundamentals of electromagnetic theory and circuits. With its approach and coverage, it will be an indispensable textbook for courses in basic electrical engineering, basic electronics, engineering physics, modern physics and circuit theory. This book is accompanied with a CD-ROM which contains animated PowerPoint presentations for all the chapters including carefully selected links to animations and articles available on the Internet.

1. Surface Charges and Conduction Processes
2. Capacitors in Circuits
3. The Principle of Superposition in Circuit Processes
4. Electrical Energy
5. Faraday's Law and Transmission Line Fundamentals
6. Magnetic Forces
7. Motional emf and Generators
8. Magnetic Moments, Motors and Loads
9. PN Junctions, Diodes and Ohmic Contacts
10. Wave Propagation, Antennas and Waveguides

This book is accompanied with a CD-ROM which contains videos and animated PowerPoint presentations for all the chapters and applications Regulated DC Power Supply, basic action of a differential amplifier, Transformer-coupled audio power amplifier. Enhances analytical ability and reasoning skills in solving electric and electronic circuit problems Conceptual electric and magnetic fields; surface charges and fields in conduction: and capacitor and inductor circuit operation Surface and Hall effect charges in motor and generator operation Fundamentals of radiation, antennas and waveguides Use of illustrations to make the subject ';visual' enhances intuitive cognition Summary and questions at the end of each chapter to test student understanding


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