Fundamentals of Epigenetics
Fundamentals of Epigenetics

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Fundamentals of Epigenetics

Fundamentals of Epigenetics provides concise yet complete information on the many aspects of the basic and most recent concepts in epigenetics, a branch of life science that deals with the mechanisms such as DNA modifications, histone modifications, RNA modifications, small and long non-coding RNAs, chromatin remodeling, which are involved in epigenetic control of gene expression without involving variations in DNA sequences. These regulatory mechanisms lead to phenotypic variations. These epigenetic mechanisms can be exploited for crop improvement and cure of human diseases. 
This book is primarily designed for undergraduate and graduate level students studying epigenetics in conventional, agricultural and medicinal universities. Teachers and researchers in any discipline of life sciences, agricultural sciences, medicine, and biotechnology, molecular epigenetics and biotechnology will also find it useful as a reference book.

 1. Introduction to Epigenetics
 2. DNA Modifications
 3. Histone Modifications
 4. Functions of Histone Modifications
 5. DNA, Histone and Nonhistone Protein Modifications in Gene Expression 
 6. RNA Modifications in Gene Expression
 7. Epigenetic Modifiers
 8. Epigenetic Crosstalk and Epigenetic Signals
 9. Epigenetic Inheritance
 10. Long and Small Non-coding RNAs
 11. MicroRNAs and Short Interfering RNAs
 12. RNA-Directed DNA Methylation and Epigenetic Reprogramming, Learning and Memory
 13. Chromatin Remodelling
 14. Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression
 15. RNA Interference
 16. Epigenetic Gene Silencing
 17. Epigenetics in Crop Improvement
 Subject Index

• A brief historical background for every chapter
• A concise yet complete treatise covering all essential aspects of epigenetics
• Up to date progress in the subject discussed
• Nobel Prize winning work finds a special mention
• Based on more than 3100 references.
• Supported by 27 tables and 186 figures
• Includes glossary comprising of 550 terms carefully defined in context of the present-day knowledge in the subject
• Thought provoking problems listed at the end of each chapter 
• Applications, implications, advantages, disadvantages, limitations, and future prospects of various discoveries and methodologies 
• Useful for national and international level competitive examinations, entrance tests, and interviews
• Detailed subject index

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