Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

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Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry serves as an invaluable source to meet the long-term demand of students of Bachelor of Pharmacy for a standard book on Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry. This book can serve as a stand-alone textbook for an advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate course in pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry. The book is presented with an aim to enable the students to easily apprehend unfamiliar, unacquainted and apparently complicated concepts of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry so that it assists them to tackle with their confusion especially during the examinations and at the same time aids to elicit their interest in the subject.
1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2. Acids, Bases and Buffers, Electrolytes and Dental Products
3. Gastrointestinal Agents
4. Miscellaneous Compounds
5. Radio Pharmaceuticals Appendices
Appendix 1. Reagent Preparations
Appendix 2. Buffer Solutions Used in Pharmacy and Research
Appendix 3. Definitions
• Complete coverage of the syllabus of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry as per the latest PCI guidelines.
• Extensive information pertaining to inorganic compounds that are of pharmaceutical and medicinal importance is given.
• Neatly presented chemical reactions and labelled diagrams wherever necessary in order to make it more alluring and appealing to our readers.
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