Geometrical Drawing
Geometrical Drawing

Tags: Geometrical Drawing, Engineering/Computer Science Civil Engineering, Arun Vikram Kothapalli, Ratnam Chanamala

Geometrical Drawing

Geometrical drawings play an important role in conveying the ideas of engineers, scientists and inventors.
In particular, its role is very important in technical drawings like of machines and their production procedure applications, civil engineering activities like construction of reservoirs, dams, roadways, structures, buildings, etc. and involvement in electrical engineering aspects like generators, electrical equipment design, etc.
This book undertakes “step by step understanding of the projection concepts of 2- and 3-dimensional objects, with diagrammatical explanations” object, with diagrammatical explanations. The contents are developed in transition from basics of simple constructions of plane figures to complexity of the remaining chapters (3-dimensional objects) including the generalized approaches without compromising the connectivity through the chapters.
A large number of diagrams for easy understanding of the changes and assumptions taken in projecting the object on to a plain paper are also provided.
Each chapter contains sufficient number of solved problems, questions and objective type questions.
1.Instruments, Geometrical Constructions and Scales 
3.Orthographic Projections and Projection of Points 
4.Projection of Straight Lines 
5.Projection of Planes 
6.Projection of Solids 
7.Sections of Solids 
8.Development of Surfaces 
9.Isometric Projections 
10.Perspective Projections 
  • Explains a wide range of concepts, from basics of free-hand drawing like curves in single dimension to the complexity of imagination of 3-dimensional objects and their projections.
  • Includes an ample number of diagrams for clear understanding of the subject.
  • Discusses the constructional procedures and projections in a detailed and step-by-step manner.
  • Provides lot of solved examples with practice exercises at the end of every chapter


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