Green and Clean Technology: Innovations and Applications
Green and Clean Technology: Innovations and Applications

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Green and Clean Technology: Innovations and Applications

Green technology is the application of the environmental science and technology for the development and application of products, equipment and systems to conserve the natural resources and environmental management, as well as to minimize or mitigate the harmful effects on the environment by the mankind. Whereas ‘green technology’ is a fascinating term, it expresses the meaning effectively as ‘clean technology’ or in the classical approach ‘environmental technology’. The field of green technology emphasizes constantly evolving areas of environment friendly methods, protocols, principles, techniques, materials, equipment, software & hardware, intelligence & learning, rules & regulations, from technologies for developing non-conventional energy sources such as biofuels to ecofriendly solar power management as greener tools that help in auditing greenhouse gas emissions. Green and clean technology must be sustainable, that is, balancing the fulfilment of human needs without greed, with the protection and conservation of the natural environment and all the resources so that these needs can be met for the present and the future.
Green Technology as Alternative, Advanced Structure and Function Towards Sustainable Development

Nanotechnology: A Promising Alternative for Remediating Environmental Hazards         

Overview of Production of Second-Generation Bioethanol from Agro-Industrial Waste

Microbial Fuel Cell: A Clean and Green Technology

Nanoparticles as an Innovative Paradigm for Insect Pest Management: Current Status and Future Perspective

Biopolymer Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells for Improved Efficiency: A Review

Origin of Metallic Nanoparticles Using the Plant Extracts of Calotropis Gigentia and its Biomedical Applications

Addressing Issues Related to Antimicrobial Drugs

Bioremediation of Synthetic Dyes

Microbial Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Contamination from the Environment

Green Technology: Nanoparticles Based Sustainable Advancement in Antimicrobials Research

Current Trends in Green Nanotechnology for the Environmental Remediation

An Insight into the Second and Third Generation Biofuels: Their Production, Uses and Technological Advances

Green Materials for Clean Environment.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Role of Microbes in Degrading Synthetic Plastics

Global Atmosphere Climate Changes Due to Thermal Energy Particles Inside the Earth’s Crust


Green Biotechnology: Current Status and Future Prospects

Biomedical and Bioremediation Potential of Brown Algae of Coastal Areas of Tamilnadu


• Provides an overall perspective of advanced developments in green technology with new challenges and opportunities in line with global efforts and trends towards sustainable development.

• Emerging green technologies covering a wide spectrum of areas are outlined like nanotechnology and their applications in energy alternatives.

• Highlights future challenges from the perspectives of energy market with reference to green technology, sources for the green technology, regulatory mechanisms, as well new avenues in green technology users, advanced solution providers, financial investors, legalization, policy-makers and other stakeholders.

• Covers all the conceptual background of conventional technologies and detailed information on the alternatives as Green technology.

• This book will provide the new vision by giving a brief introduction to all the components of Green energy and a detailed study about technologies associated with them.

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