Growth, Imbalance and Indian Economy
Growth, Imbalance and Indian Economy

Tags: Growth, Imbalance and Indian Economy

Growth, Imbalance and Indian Economy

Professor K Venkatagiri Gowda was an incisive thinker par excellence. His Economic analysis on the budget were very much valued by the Economists and Administrator in the Country. His work has been internationally valued as definitive and path breaking in the Area of Monetary Economics, International finance and Planing. He has received Lord Leverhulme special Research Award, London School of Economics, 1935-55, and the Karnataka Rajotsava Award in 1983. The book is collection of 83 articles written by Professor Gowda which provide solutions to myriad of Economic problems of our Country.

1. Fiscal Structure

2. Industry Policy

3. Bank Restructuring

4. Exchange Rate of Rupee

5. Gold policy

6. Inflation Management

7. Deficit Financing

8. Liquidity Crisis

9. Oil Fueled inflation

10. Oil Exploration

11. Oil Crisis

12. Privatisation of Insurance

13. Foreign Capital Inflows

14. Foreign Investment

15. IMF and its Conditionalities

16. Foreign Exchange Reserves

17. Public Expenditure, Budget

18. Disinvestments

19. Buyoncy of Indian Rupee

20. Inflation Trap

21. Subsidies for food and fertilizers

22. MNCs

23. Trade deficits

24. Public Borrowing

25. External debt

26. Short and Long Term Capital Flows

27. Banking Policy

28. Deregulation of Interest Rates

29. Convertibility

30. Liberalization

31. Industrial Sickness

32. Export-Import Strategies

33. NRI Investments

34. Subsidies

35. Industry and Agriculture Growth

36. Debt Crisis

37. Wage Freeze, etc.

  • Comprises a bouquet of 83 articles highlighting the economic problems afflicting India and recommending solutions/reforms.
  • The articles deal with topics like fiscal structure, industry policy, bank restructuring, exchange rate of rupee, etc. Both fiscal and monetary policies have been discussed.
  • The early liberalization, privatization and globalization years have been kept as the setting for the discussions.
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