Handbook of Problems in Engineering Mathematics and Physics
Handbook of Problems in Engineering Mathematics and Physics

Tags: Handbook of Problems in Engineering Mathematics and Physics, Physical Sciences, Physics, Harish Parthasarathy

Handbook of Problems in Engineering Mathematics and Physics

The book is intended to be a reference for selected problems in Engineering Mathematics and Physics covering the fields of Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Signal Processing, Electromagnetic Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Many of the problems introduced in this book appear in the form of a bridge between two apparently disconnected topics. For example, the section on mechanics contains a section on linear algebra and another section on group representation with reference to image processing. The specialized techniques developed in one field very often find applications in other fields, and the collection of problems in this book illustrates this interplay. The book will be of equal use to mathematicians working on applied problems, to physicists interested in applying tools of signal analysis to their research and to signal processing experts who are looking for applications of signal processing methods to physical problems.

3.Quantum Mechanics 
5.Random Processes, Estimation and Filtering

  •  This book contains selected important problems covering engineering mathematics, physics, and some aspects of signal processing.
  • The problems are broadly dealt in four sections, namely, mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, and random processes, estimation and filtering. 
  • Proofs of all the relevant theorems and lemma have been appropriately given.
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