Industrial Pharmacy
Industrial Pharmacy

Tags: Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Marina Koland, Anoop Narayanan, D.S Sandeep, M P Gowrav, R. Harshitha

Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy is the science of manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products, including quality assurance of the developed drug formulation. This book covers all topics required by students of Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy: A textbook is divided into two parts, ‘Industrial Pharmacy’ Part-I explains the formulation, manufacture, and quality control of tablets, capsules, parenteral dosage forms, liquid orals, ophthalmic dosage form and aerosols. In addition, topics such as ‘Pre-formulation’, ‘Cosmetics’ and ‘Packaging Material Science’ have also been briefly discussed. Part-II has been designed with the objective of imparting knowledge of the pilot plant scaleup considerations of different dosage forms. The students will be able to understand the technology transfer process from R&D to production with the necessary documentation. This book also provides information about drug regulations, roles and responsibilities of drug regulatory requirements such as ANDA and NDA, QMS.

1. Preformulation Studies
2. Tablets 
3. Tablet Coating
4. Liquid Orals 
5. Hard Gelatin Capsules
6. Soft Gelatin Capsules
7. Pellets
8. Parenteral Dosage Forms
9. Ophthalmic Dosage Forms
10.Pharmaceutical Aerosols
12.Packaging Materials Science
13.Pilot Plant Scale-Up Techniques
14.Technology Development and Transfer
15.Regulatory Affairs 
16.Quality Management Systems (QMSS)
17.Indian Regulatory Requirements

• Chapter on ‘cosmetics’ and ‘packaging materials’ have been briefly discussed;
• Flowcharts, figures, and tables are included wherever necessary to make the content
   easy and understandable to the readers;
• Each chapter is provided with 5-6 learning objectives and review questions at the end.

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