Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Tags: Instrumental Method of Analysis

Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Instrumentation Techniques refer to the development of methods and tools used in applied physics, materials science and nanotechnology for design, synthesis, manufacturing, imaging or analytics for analytical chemists in special and all the material scientists in general. They form a basis for qualitative description of as well as quantitative estimation of various types of materials, samples, reaction intermediates and final products. The fundamental principles underlying these techniques, instrumentation involved in it, applications for routine analysis and current status of these techniques in research field have been covered in each chapter. The authors have taken all the efforts to make the language and topics simple to understand for the UG as well as PG students.
 1. Introduction to Spectroscopy
 2. Rotational Spectroscopy/Microwave Spectroscopy
 3. Raman Spectroscopy
 4. Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
 5. Vibrational Spectroscopy/ InfraRed Spectroscopy
 6. Chromatography
 7. Mass Spectrometry
 8. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
 9. NMR Spectroscopy
10. Electroanalytical Methods
11. Radiation and Radiochemical Methods of Analysis
12. X-ray Analysis and Electron Microscopy
  • Details of all the instrumental methods of analysis.
  • Precise description about principles, instrumentation and application of each technique.
  • List of questions at the end of each chapter classified as: Long answer, short answer, very short answer and numericals.
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