Introduction to Pharmacognosy
Introduction to Pharmacognosy

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Introduction to Pharmacognosy

This book provides a comprehensive account of the latest trends and traditional knowledge in Pharmacognosy. While general aspects are dealt with in detail, the systematic treatment and methodical description of plants and their parts in general and some plant families have also been given due attention to understand pharmacognostic terms. The book deals with the theory and practical part, which has been supported with self-explanatory diagrams. The book will be immensely useful to the students pursuing undergraduate courses in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Pharmacognosy – An Introduction
1. Description of plants
2. Indigenous systems of Medicine - Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and Siddha 
3. Classification of drugs of Natural Origin
4. Drug Adulteration, Evaluation and Significance of Pharmacopoeial Standards
5. Important Plant Constituents (Occurrence, Distribution, Classification, Isolation, Identification tests and Pharmaceutical Applications
6. Study of Different Categories of Drugs (Occurrence, Distribution, Classification, Isolation, Identification tests and Pharmaceutical Applications
7. Collection and Preparation of Drugs for Market
8. Fibers used in Surgical Dressing and Sutures (Source, Preparation, Identification Test, Chemical Constituents and Uses)
9. Practicals
10. Microscopy
11. Chemical Tests

• Deals with theoretical and practical aspects of the latest trends and knowledge in Pharmacognosy.
• Provides a detailed description of botanical basics including important plant families, indigenous systems of medicine, important plant constituents, and animal-origin drug aids.
• Provides a major practical section at the end of the book based on morphological character, microscopy, and chemical tests of drugs, followed by an annexure tabulating the summary of drugs.
• Profusely illustrated with labeled line diagrams that supplement the text.

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