Leisure, Recreation and Events in Hospitality and Tourism
Leisure, Recreation and Events in Hospitality and Tourism

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Leisure, Recreation and Events in Hospitality and Tourism

In the present-day hospitality industry, professionals are required to actively pursue technological advancements and incorporate sustainability principles into their event planning. The utmost priority for the hospitality and tourism sector lies in ensuring the leisure, opulence, and comfort of their visitors. This ever-evolving industry dedicates its resources to offering exceptional facilities, engaging activities, and impeccable services to both the community and stakeholders.

To cater to significant occasions such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, and conventions, the hospitality industry provides an extensive array of recreational amenities to its guests. This comprehensive guide delves into event planning, encompassing the creation of innovative concepts, meticulous brand analysis, identification of target audience segments, and the seamless organization of all technical aspects leading up to the event's grand debut.

Furthermore, leisure and recreation, encompassing a diverse range of both active and passive activities that travelers engage in during their journeys or leisure time, form integral components of the hospitality and tourism curriculum. This book is meant for degree and diploma programs of hospitality and tourism.

  • Preface
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Play-sports and Leisure
  • Contemporary Issues on Leisure and Recreation
  • Event Management
  • Event Management Planning
  • Aspects of Event Management
  • Basic Qualities of Event Personnel
  • Events and Activities
  • Event Management: Concepts & Design
  • Event Management: Key to Success
  • Event Protocols, Staging and Staffing
  • Leadership & Event Branding
  • MICE
  • Theme Events and Decoration
  • Virtual Events
  • Event Sponsorship and Trends
  • Entrepreneurship in Sports, Leisure and Events
  • Glossary
  • References

  • Visualization, conceptualization and practice model for leisure, recreation and events
  • Reader friendly illustrations
  • Modern and interesting concepts
  • Practice MCQs and questions


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