Limit State Design of Steel Structures as per IS:800/2007
Limit State Design of Steel Structures as per IS:800/2007

Tags: Limit State Design of Steel Structures as per IS:800/2007, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, S. Kanthimathinathan

Limit State Design of Steel Structures as per IS:800/2007

This book is based on Limit state method as per IS:800:2007. Any structure from concept to utilization should pass through the following stages: Planning Structural Configuration Structural Analysis Structure Design Detailed Engineering Fabrication The thrust area of this book is to give more examples which will be useful for the students as well as practising design engineers. The relevent clause numbers of the standards are given there itself to enable the reader to go through the clause of the standards. There are 13 chapters in this book. Each chapter gives the rationale behind the design of particular component, worked examples with figures and tables. Broadly the book deals with  introduction to structural steel design  tension members  design of compression members design of flexural members  design of column bases welded connections  bolted connections  calculation of wind load on a structure  design of pitched roof truss  force due to earthquake at various elevations  draft design basis report  templates for column and base plate with anchor bolts The revised Indian standards IS:800:2007 includes the Limit State Method. This book deals with structural designs based on IS:800:2007, IS:875, IS 1893, SP6(1), IS 816 and IS 1367. The readers are advised to go through these standards for better and clear understanding.

1. List of symbols
2. Introduction
3. Design of tension members
4. Design of compression members
5. Design of flexural members
6. Column bases
7. Welded structural connections
8. Bolted joint structural connections
9. Wind load calculation [As per IS 875-Part-3]
10. Design of roof trusses
11. Calculation of earthquake load on structures [As per Is:1893-Part-1]
12. Design basis for analysis and design of boiler supporting steel structure
13. Codes and templates.



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