Linear Systems
Linear Systems

Tags: Linear Systems, Analysis and Applications, Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, R.L. Narasimham, V. Kamaraju

Linear Systems

This book provides an up-to-date information on a number of important topics in Linear Systems.
  • Introduction to Signals and Systems /
  • Fourier Series Analysis and Applications /
  • Fourier Transforms and its Applications /
  • Laplace Transforms and Applications /
  • Synthesis of Passive Networks (Driving Point and Transfer Impedance Functions) /
  • State Variable Analysis of Continuous Time Systems /
  • Introduction to Discrete-Time Control Systems /
  • Discrete Systems Z–Transformations /
  • State-Space Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems /
  • Discrete Transform Analysis /
  • Appendices /
  • References /
  • Index
• Introduces discrete systems including Z-transformations in the analysis of Linear Systems including synthesis.
• Emphasis on Fourier series analysis and applications.
• Fourier transforms and its applications.
• Network functions and synthesis with Laplace transforms and applications.
• Introduction to discrete-time control system.
• Z-Transformations and its applications.
• State space analysis of continuous and discrete-time analysis.
• Discrete transform analysis.
• A large number of solved and unsolved problems, review questions, MCQs.
• Index


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