Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures
Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures

Tags: Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures, Nanotechnology and Applications, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, G. Nandini Devi

Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures

Reinforced concrete structures have always been the first choice for the construction industry world over. This composite material has proved its robustness and versatility beyond doubts. However, these structures are subjected to constant deterioration due to effects of ageing, inadequate maintenance, severe environmental exposure, penetration of catalystic agencies such as moisture, gases like CO2 and oxygen, chloride ions, industrial pollutants, abuse (overused and misused), etc. This deterioration needs to be timely arrested before it leads to irreversible damage making it imperative to repair and upgrade (retrofit/strengthening) the current stock of deteriorated and deficient structures. This book has been designed with the aim to give the students an insight into the subject of concrete repair, its protection and strengthening. It is profusely illustrated with neat diagrams and actual site photographs. The book broadly deals with:
• Deterioration of concrete structures
• Visual deterioration of structures
• Conditional/damage assessment & evaluation of structures
• Damage assessment allied tests
• Retrofitting/strengthening
• Seismic retrofitting of concrete structures
• Protection & maintenance of structures
• Long-term health monitoring
• Structural health monitoring
• Demolition techniques
• Repair of underwater structures
• Various materials and equipment used in repair work.
• Guidelines for all the processes given by governments.
This book will be a guide to B.E. (Civil Engineering), ME (Structural Engineering) students and practising civil engineers.
1. Maintenance and Repair Strategies
2. Deterioration Causes, Inspection and Assessment of Structures
3. Quality Assurances for Concrete Construction
4. Serviceability and Durability of Concrete
5. Corrosion
6. Special Mortar and Concretes
7. Shoring and Underpinning
8. Materials, Techniques for Repair and Protection Methods
9. Techniques for Restoration and Retrofitting of Structures
10. Repair Techniques for Structures Damaged During Earthquake
11. Underwater Repair Materials and Techniques
12. Demolition Techniques
13. Structural Health Monitoring
14. Non-destructive Testing of Concrete


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