Managerial Economics
Managerial Economics

Tags: Managerial Economics, K. Rama Mohana Rao, Chandra Sekhar Patro, Hemalatha K., Pulak Majumder, Harbans Lal Kaila, (Behaviour Based Safety 2.0), Engineering/Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering

Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics involves an analysis of the allocation of the resources available to a firm, or a unit of management among the activities of that unit. It makes use of concepts and theories of economics and assists managers to make rational decision. The present book emphasizes on conceptual clarity and simplified presentation. The book comprehensively covers all the aspects that impinge upon economic decision making of modern business units. Thus, allowing a great deal of flexibility in the choice of topics that any teacher or student may wish to cover. This text would be helpful for the students of Commerce, Management, Economics, Engineering, Law, and other social sciences disciplines. It is also useful to the practicing managers of various business units within and outside the country. The book integrates various concepts and ideas from the fields of economics and other subjects, which have bearing on managerial decision making and policy formulation within the business unit. It provides a number of suitable examples, including large number of review questions, objective type questions and exercises. The text focuses on the concepts related to macroeconomics and business decision, and modern approaches to managerial economics.

Section – I: Introduction to Managerial Economics
1. Concept and Scope of Managerial Economics
2. Role and Responsibilities of Managerial Economist
3. Managerial Economics and Business Decisions
4. Theories of the Firm
Section – II: Demand Analysis and Forecasting
5. Theory of Demand
6. Elasticity of Demand
7. Demand Forecasting
8. Demand Forecasting Methods
Section – III: Production and Supply Analysis
9. Production Analysis
10. Supply Analysis
Section – IV: Cost Analysis and Cost Control
11. Cost Analysis
12. Scale of Economies
13. Cost Control and Reduction
Section – V: Market Structure and Price-output Decisions
14. Perfect Competition
15. Monopoly
16. Monopolistic Competition
17. Oligopoly
Section – VI: Pricing Decisions
18. Pricing Policy
19. Pricing Methods and Strategies
20. Promotional Pricing - Discounts and Discrimination
21. Price Forecasting
Section – VII: Profit Analysis
22. Profit Policies
23. Profit Planning and Forecasting
24. Profit Measurement
Section – VIII: Macro Economics and Business Decisions
25. Inflation
26. Business Cycles
27. National Income
28. Goods and Services Tax
29. Demonetisation
Section – XI: Modern Managerial Economics
30. Modern approaches to Managerial



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