Manufacturing Science
Manufacturing Science

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Manufacturing Science

"Manufacturing Science I is meant for the undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. It covers the syllabi of all major universities It explains the fundaments of Manufacturing, Metal Forming Processes, Forging, Drawing and Extrusion Processes, Rolling, Sheet Metal Working, Unconventional Metal Forming, Powder Metallurgy, Jigs and Fixtures, Manufacturing of Plastic Components, Casting, Welding and Superfinishing. The book is in question-answer format so that the text is precise and easy to understand. Most of the questions are taken from the various examination papers of different technical universities. The book present a systematic explanation of the basic concepts of the subject matter. A larger number of figures are used to explain the basic working of various machine tools and the methods of performing various manufacturing processes. "
"1. Manufacturing
2. Metal Forming Processes
3. Forging
4. Drawing and Extrusion Processes
5. Rolling 6. Sheet Metal Working
7. Unconventional Metal Forming
8. Powder Metallurgy
9. Jigs and Fixtures
10. Manufacturing of Plastic Components
11. Casting,
12. Welding
 13. Superfinishing. "
"• Includes the processes such as foundry, forming, welding, and related conventional and non-conventional processes.
• Profusely illustrated with diagrams.
• Covers theory, derivation of formulae, and solved questions from past examinations.
• Supported with enough illustrations for better understanding of the text. "


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