Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis
Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis

Tags: Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis, Engineering/Computer Science Civil Engineering, S.S Bhavikatti

Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis

Preliminary chapters are supposed to give suitable transition from structural analysis – classical methods studied by students in their compulsory courses. 
Then structure approach to matrix method is dealt so that the students get clear picture of matrix approach. 
Finally, stiffness matrix method – element approach is explained and illustrated so that before developing computer program student will understand what to instruct computer. 
Finally, a chapter an computer programming preliminaries which will help to develop the computer program and cautious the way of program develop by the others is included.


  1. Review of Consistent Deformation and Slope Defl ection Methods 
  2. Flexibility Matrix Method: Structures Approach 
  3. Stiffness Matrix Method: Structures Approach 
  4. Introduction to Element Approach 
  5. Computer Programming Preliminaries 
  6. Appendi
  7. Index
• Spread in 6 chapters, it deals with consistent deformation and slope deflection methods,
  flexibility and stiffness matrix methods, element approach, and computer programming
• Each chapter outlines a brief introduction on the topic explained before elaborating it in
• Contains an appendix laying the table for fixed end actions due to loads acting on a
• Free body diagrams have been used exhaustively at relevant places in the book.
• Has a dedicated chapter on computer programming.


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