Mechanics and Wave Motion
Mechanics and Wave Motion

Tags: Mechanics and Wave Motion, Physical Sciences, Physics, Devraj Singh, Vinod Kumar Singh, Devendra Pratap Singh

Mechanics and Wave Motion

The present book is designed to meet the requirements of undergraduate Physics students of different universities. It will also be useful for the students taking various competitive examinations. The book divided in four units and nine chapters deals with the basic concepts of Mechanics and Wave Motion. The first three units contain five chapters which cover the topics related to mechanics whereas the last unit contains four chapters which cover the topics related to wave motion. The topics have been presented in systematic, logical and explained with the help of solved examples. Short and long answer type questions, unsolved numerical and multiple-choice questions have been given at the end of each chapter.
Broadly it includes:
• Laws of motion and inertial frames
• Conservation laws
• Dynamics of rigid bodies
• Elasticity
• Gravitation
• Simple harmonic motion
• Damped harmonic oscillator
• Forced harmonic oscillator
• Wave motion
1.Laws of motion and inertial frame  
2.Laws of conservation  
3.Dynamics of rigid bodies
6.Simple harmonic 
7.Damped harmonic oscillator 
8.Driven (forced) harmonic oscillator 
9.Wave motion 


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