Mineral Processing
Mineral Processing

Tags: Culinary Economics, Mineral Processing, Vandana Rao, Sonam Patel, Avinash Lele

Mineral Processing

This book deals with the methodologies used in processing/separation of minerals from their ores, including pre-processing, dressing and separation techniques. Diverse types and grades of ore require diverse machinery, tools and techniques: the book amply addresses this need for variety of treatment. Besides these, background reading on occurrence of ores, mineralogy, properties of minerals and ores; all the important aspects of machinery used in practice; experimental methods; and numerical calculations involving extractive metallurgy have been given at appropriate depth.

  2. Chapter 1: Introduction
  3. Chapter 2: Characteristics/properties of minerals for processing
  4. Chapter3: Comminution
  5. Chapter 4: Crushing
  6. Chapter 5: Grinding
  7. Chapter 6: Sizing
  8. Chapter 7: Classification & the movement of solids in fluids
  9. Chapter 8: Gravity-concentration / separation
  10. Chapter 9: Flotation
  11. Chapter 10: Magnetic separation processes
  12. Chapter 11: Separation of solids from fluids
  13. Chapter 12: Typical flow sheets of mineral processing
  14. Chapter 13: Pre treatment of ore/mineral/concentrate
  15. Chapter 14: Chemical method of beneficiation
  16. Chapter 15: Application of computer in mineral processing/dressing
  18. A. Experiments in mineral processing
  19. B. Numerical
  20. Appendix I Metallic ore minerals
  21. Appendix II Selected physical properties of metals
  22. Appendix III Minerals used in large amounts
  23. Appendix IV Hardness of minerals-Mohs’ scale
  24. Bibliography
  25. Subject Index
  • Integrated coverage of theory, practical methods, and derivation of formulae and numerical problem solving.
  • Dedicated section on machinery used in mineral processing including numerical calculations, construction and principles of working.
  • In-depth treatment of processes including crushing, grinding, sizing, flotation, etc.
  • Step-by-step treatment of processes and ample exercises for practice and experiments for lab courses.
  • Reference to various other industry standards, as applicable. With its coverage and emphasis, the book will be useful for graduate and diploma  engineering students. Post-graduate students, engineers and researchers can brush up their knowledge, at a glance, about mineral- processing and  dressing.
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