Operating Systems
Operating Systems

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Operating Systems

The book describes the development of modern operating systems, explaining the evolution starting from the mainframe systems. This book deals with the subject matter in a novel, all-round manner. Since operating system is considered to be a concept-rich subject, this book discusses each concept in depth and explains the same in a lucid manner. The book also covers the practical aspects of the subject, emphasizing shell programming. It also covers all the major programs discussed in lab sessions for the students. The different features of various operating systems are also explained. Linux, Windows XP and Symbian Mobile operating systems are emphasized in the case studies.
This book has been designed after reviewing the syllabi of various Indian universities and, therefore, provides a wide coverage of the subject. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and ends with a summary containing a quick review of important concepts discussed in the chapter. Every chapter also provides a plenty of solved examples along with the conceptual material in the text for a hands-on understanding of the methods involved. Multiple-choice questions, review questions and brain teasers provided at the end of each chapter will assist the faculty in preparing the students for the examinations.
With its coverage and approach, this book will be extremely useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science, IT engineering and MCA.

1. Introduction
2. Processes
3. CPU Scheduling
4. Synchronization
5. Deadlock
6. Memory Management
7. Virtual Memory
8. I/O System
9. File Management
10. Disk Storage
11. Protection & Security
Appendix 1 Case Study of Linux and Windows XP OS
Appendix 2 Case Study of Mobile OS
Appendix 3 Set of Implemented Programs in C/C++ 
Appendix 4 Model Question Papers
• Discusses different types of OSs and OS architectures and also explains how the 
   modern operating systems have been developed
• Highlights the hardware issues necessary to understand operating system concepts
• Covers every concepts in depth and provides numerous solved examples interspersed
   within the text
• Provides specially designed brain teasers at the end of each chapter for the 
   students to develop an analytical approach to problem solving
• Includes case studies of OSs, namely, Linux, Windows and Symbian Mobile OS 
• Contains hands-on session for programs that will be helpful for operating system 
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