Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmaceutical Analysis

Tags: Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nitin Kumar, Niranjan Kaushik, Rupesh Dudhe, Raghav Mishra

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis is the application of analytical procedures used to determine the purity, safety and quality of drugs and chemicals. Meant for undergraduate students of Pharmacy, this book emphasizes the basics of pharmaceutical analysis, techniques used in analysis, methods of expressing concentrations, preparation and standardization of various molar and normal solutions, titrations & electrochemical methods of analysis. Recent developments in pharmaceutical analysis have been incorporated. Pharmaceutical analysis is used to: identify the drug in the formulated product; confirm whether the formulation contain solely the active ingredient or additional impurities are presents; check the stability of the drug; find the rate of drug release from its formulation; confirm the identity and purity of pure drug meets specification; measure the concentrations of specified impurities; and confirm the pKa values, partition coefficients, solubilities.
1. Pharmaceutical Analysis
2. Errors
3. Pharmacopoeia
4. Acid-Base Titrations
5. Non-Aqueous Titrations
6. Precipitation Titrations
7. Complexometric Titrations
8. Gravimetry Analysis
9. Diazotization Titrations
10. Redox Titrations
11. Conductometry
12. Potentiometry
13. Polarography Practicals
• Detailed coverage of various methods of drug analysis including methods of expressing concentration, preparation, standardization of various molar and normal solutions.
• Thorough reportage and current expansion of different titrimetric methods and their applications in pharmacy.
• Meticulous exposure and recent encroachment of diverse electrochemical methods of analysis.
• Diagrams, chemical reactions, structures and schematic flow diagrams to illustrate text and process in pharmaceutical analysis.
• Theory based practicals are given.


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