Pharmacognostical Assessment of Novel Potential Medicinal Plants
Pharmacognostical Assessment of Novel Potential Medicinal Plants

Tags: Pharmacognostical Assessment of Novel Potential Medicinal Plants, Pharmaceutical Sciences, S N Yoganarasimhan, V Madhavan, Magadi R Gurudeva, R Deveswaran

Pharmacognostical Assessment of Novel Potential Medicinal Plants

World Health Organisation (WHO) stresses the need for total involvement of traditional systems of medicine to meet the goal "Health for All". The Traditional systems of medicine includes several plants/plant parts known as crude drugs which are used in many therapeutic formulations. Pharmacognostical Assessment of Novel Potential Medicinal plants provide pharmacognostical, physicochemical and chromatography details on 22 drugs (covering 27 species) used in Ayurveda/Siddha/Homoeopathy which are useful in the identification of these drugs and also help to establish biomarker compounds. Some taxa like Asparagus gonoclados, Cryptocoryne spiralis, Flickingeria nodosa, Homonoia riparia, Nothosaerva brachiata, Nymphoides hydrophylla, Nymphoides indica, Smilax zeylanica, Triumfetta rhomboidea are dealt with as potential novel alternate sources for the accepted botanical source. The pharmacognostical features evaluated in this book are useful for the authentication and identification of different species of the medicinal plant/drug. The book will be useful to students and research workers of Pharmacognosy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Botany, herbalists, foresters, natural products, pharmacologists and to all those interested in medicinal plants.
1. Asparagus gonoclados
 2. Basilicum polystachyon
 3. Capparis sepiaria
 4. Careya arborea
 5. Catunaregam spinosa
 6. Cocculus hirsutus
 7. Colebrookea oppositifolia
 8. Curculigo orchioides
 9. Drosera burmannii
10. Helicteres isora
11. Jivanti
12. Maerua oblongifolia
13. Ophiorrhiza mungos
14. Pandanus fascicularis
15. Pashanabedha
16. Sankhapushpi
17. Smilax zeylanica
18. Streblus asper
19. Tagara
20. Toddalia asiatica
21. Triumfetta rhomboidea
22. Wrightia tinctoria
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