Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Vol-II
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Vol-II

Tags: Pharmacognosy, and Phytochemistry Vol-II, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hemalatha K., Pulak Majumder

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Vol-II

Pharmacognosy, known initially as Materia Medica, may be defined as the study of crude drugs obtained from plants, animals and mineral kingdom and their constituents. These are also used for treating various diseases, besides, in the cosmetics, textile and food industries. This book covers all the subjects comprehensively that are required by the student of Pharma. Topics like metabolic pathways in higher plants, secondary metabolic, isolation, identification and analysis of phytoconstituents, industrial production, phytochemistry, spectroscopy techniques, chromatography and its applications and electrophoresis. This book is a precious resource of data for the students of allied botanical and phytochemical sciences.
1. Metabolic Pathways in Higher Plants and their Determination
2. Secondary Metabolites
3. Isolation, Identification and Analysis of Phytoconstituents
4. Industrial Production, Estimation and Utilization of Phytoconstituents
5. Basics of Phytochemistry Index.
• Precise language and simple narrative for understanding important concepts.
• Provide key knowledge on important topics like tracer methods, biosynthetic pathways, methods of extraction, quantification, industrial production of phytoconstituents, chromatography, and spectroscopy.
• Comprehensive coverage of isolation and estimation of phytoconstituents, concepts of phytochemistry and other medicine production in industry.
• Conceptual representation in diagrams for comprehension.


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