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Humans have used plants since time immemorial for cure of diseases and hunting animals. Serutner in 1805 isolated morphine. This was followed by the isolation of quinine in 1820 by Pelletier and Caventou. This formed the base of Phytochemical research. Natural Product Chemistry covers the field of Chromatography, Synthesis, Computer aided drug design and the Phytochemicals from bacterial and marine sources. These all provide lead compounds for synthetic development of medicines. This book includes about 290 phytopharmaceuticals giving their characterization and structure elucidation by modern 13 instrumental methods like UV, IR, HNMR C NMR, Ms, HRMS, X-Ray, biosynthesis and synthesis. The material reported is based on the original work of the researchers reported in various national and international journals. 
The book is meant for students pursuing courses in Pharmacy, Organic Chemistry, Science and Life sciences. This book will also be useful for professionals in pharmaceutical industry, research organizations, dealing in natural products in research labs and universities, Ayurvedic research including the development of APls.  It will also be useful as a reference by researchers in natural product chemistry in ICMR units, National Laboratories and pharmaceutical industry.

 1. Terpenoids
 2. Steroids 
 3. Flavonoids
 4. Alkaloids
 5. Proteins and Polypeptides 
 6. Nucleic Acids 13. Marine Agents
 7. Lipoproteins and Amino Acids         
 8. Vitamins and Other Health Products
 9. Antibiotics 
10. Lipids 
11. Carbohydrates  
12. Toxins (Aflatoxins) 

• Data for over 300 pharmaceuticals 
•  Physical data of each compound 
• Synthesis of majority of compounds 
• Spectroscopic data for analysis 
• Uses of all compounds 
• Complete reference of phytopharmaceuticals

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