Plant Tissue Culture
Plant Tissue Culture

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Plant Tissue Culture

The present book is an endeavour to make comprehensive, authentic and standard study material related to Plant Tissue Culture, accessible to the readers. This book has been assembled to accomplish the needs of undergraduate and post-graduate students of Plant Tissue Culture.  Aspirants for the Civil Services and other competitive examinations too will surely gain advantage by this book. 
The book is divided into twenty chapters which deal with Basic Equipment and Facilities for Plant Tissue Culture, Media Composition, Tissue Culture Techniques, Plant Cell Culture, Protoplast Isolation and Culture, Somatic Hybridization, Somatic Embryogenesis, Synthetic Seed, Micropropagation, Haploid and Triploid Production, Embryo Culture, etc. Many recent techniques are also provided such as Germplasm Storage, Genetic Transformation, Genetically Modified (GM) Plants with their Risks and Benefits, Metabolic Engineering, Useful Genes in Plant Genetic Engineering, Terminator Technology and Molecular Markers and their applications.
The primary aim of this book is to provide all relevant information covering both conventional and modern aspects of Plant Tissue Culture at one place.
1. Introduction 
2. Basic Equipment and Facilities for Plant Tissue Culture 
3. Media Composition 
4. Tissue Culture Techniques 
5. Plant Cell Culture 
6. Protoplast Isolation and Culture 
7. Somatic Hybridization 
8. Somatic Embryogenesis
9. Synthetic Seed
10. Micropropagation
11. Haploid Production
12. Triploid Production
13. Embryo Culture
14. Germplasm Storage
15. Genetic Transformation
16. Genetically Modified (GM) Plants: Its Risks and Benefits
17. Metabolic Engineering
18. Plant Genetic Engineering—Useful Genes
19. Molecular Markers and Their Applications in Plant Species
20. Plant Tissue Culture & Scope for Entrepreneurs 
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• Provides a comprehensive account of plant tissue culture, including techniques and applications. 
• Presented in a structured, section-by-section manner making the book easy to understand.
• Abundantly illustrated with micrographs and line diagrams for better grip on the text.
• Covers both conventional and modern aspects of plant tissue culture.
• Important terms are provided in the Glossary at the end.


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