Positive Safety Culture for Zero-Harm
Positive Safety Culture for Zero-Harm

Tags: Positive Safety Culture for Zero-Harm, (Behaviour Based Safety 2.0), Engineering/Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Harbans Lal Kaila

Positive Safety Culture for Zero-Harm

About the Book Indian industry is not focused on safety culture except a few organizations who are interested in their company�s safety culture for business reasons. For most organizations, change of safety culture is difficult to manage and confusing to know even how to begin. This book is an effort in addition to the previous books published by the author on the same subject. Positive safety culture means saving your company completely from incidents by involving your employees and workers for a few minutes a day in behavioral safety culture. Organizational behaviour and safety or behaviour-based safety (BBS) 2.0 is holistic, not just focusing on behavioural observation but including overall organizational work culture antecedents to achieve better outcomes of positive safety pursuit. This book is contemporary and deals with crucial problems in the industry and suggests remedial measures. This book by Dr. Kaila will surely help the readers to understand how to develop safety culture. Safety culture is to adopt a safer way of life. (Professor Emeritus Jitendra Mohan)
1. Safety, Health and Environment What is Lacking?
2. The Future of Safety, Health and Environment
3. Psychological Safety Culture
4. Effect of BBS on Safety Performance
5. Risk Perceptions
6. To Be a Global Company with Positive Safety Culture
7. Resilient Organisations and Positive Safety Culture
8. Managements Prioritise on the Safety Culture Drive
9. Passion for Safety Culture Transformation
10. A Case on Positive Safety Culture
11. Safety Culture Suffers from Disconnect and Decision Making
12. Digitalising Positive Safety Culture
13. Success and Challenges of Positive Safety Culture
14. Total Safety Culture Interventions
15. Linking Safety Behaviour to Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
16. Human Factors and Human Error in Safety Culture
17. Cultural Safety and Diversity
18. Integrating Total Safety Culture Interventions with Organisational Behaviour
19. Fixing Accountability Levels to Mobilise Positive Safety Culture
20. Rewarding Workers for Safety Cultural Change
21. Three Months E-Training Course
22. Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) 2.0
• All aspects of safety culture, including psychological safety, human factors, human error, cultural safety, digitalization, and integration.
• Covers HSE- Health Safety and Environment in detail.
• Developing solutions to get around difficult organisational obstacles


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