Power System Analysis
Power System Analysis

Tags: Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics\Communication and Instrumentation Engineering

Power System Analysis

This book has been designed as a basic text for undergraduate students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. It provides a thorough understanding of the basic principles and techniques of power system analysis as well as their application to real-world problems. Each chapter functions as a stand-alone guide to a critical topic. Most of the important topics of power system analysis are covered in this book. Beginning with the basic concepts, the book gives an exhaustive coverage of topological analysis of power networks, bus impedance algorithm, short circuit studies, power flow studies and stability analysis. Students opting for competitive exams like GATE, UPSC, NTPC and NHPC and TRANSCO, etc., will be very much benefited as a large number of solved numerical problems selected from GATE, UPSC and other university examinations are appended at the end of each chapter.
  1. Per unit system
  2. Power system network matrices-I
  3. Power system network matrices-II
  4. Power system load flow studies
  5. Symmetrical fault analysis
  6. Unsymmetrical faults analysis
  7. Power system steady state stability
  8. Transient stability analysis of power system
  9. Index.
  • The book is spread in 8 chapters dealing with basic principles and techniques of power system analysis and their applications to real-world problems.
  •  Includes 190 solved numerical problems, in a step-by-step manner.
  • Abundantly illustrated with circuit, network, and various other types of diagrams.


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