Power System Analysis Operation and Control
Power System Analysis Operation and Control

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Power System Analysis Operation and Control

Power System Analysis: Operation and Control is designed to serve as a basic text for B.Tech. and M.Tech. students of Electrical Engineering. The topics are explained in a clear and systematic manner. The book has a wealth of useful figures, graphs and block diagrams to help students. A number of conceptual deliberations have been included to offer more comprehensive understanding of different topics. Many solved problems have been included to clarify the theoretical concepts and illustrate good problem solving methodologies. Extensive short questions and answers are given at the end of each chapter to enable the student to prepare for the examinations systematically. Objective type multiple choice questions are included at the end of each chapter to enable the student to build a clear understanding of the subject matter discussed in the text. MATLAB programming code is developed extensively for important power system analyses and solution of complex problems which will help the students to try out more problems as well as encourage students to modify and develop their own coding. Broadly it deals with: Overview of Power System Basic Principle Per-unit System Line Parameter Calculation Transmission Line Model and Performance Fault Analysis Transmission Capacity Compensation Techniques Load Flow Analysis Economic Operation of Power System Power System Controls Power System Stability FACTS Controllers
1.Overview of Power System  
2.Basic Principles
3. Per-unit System   
4.Line Parameter Calculation
5.Transmission Line Model and Performance 
6.Fault Analysis
7. Transmission Capacity 
8.Compensation Techniques
9.Load Flow Analysis 
10.Economic Operation of Power System
11.Power System Controls 
12.Power System StabilityA
13.FACTS Controllers



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