Recent Trends in Life Sciences
Recent Trends in Life Sciences

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Recent Trends in Life Sciences

Life sciences, research plays an important role in the R&D system, for appliances in the multidisciplinary areas, related to living creatures. It generates new knowledge and understanding that provide the foundation for applied research and development. The basic research provides reliable information on multidisciplinary area of the biology for application in the life system, more intensive knowledge creation through basic research could be seen as a way to enhance innovative activities. Life sciences advances go beyond molecular base science. Improvement also puts ahead behavioural sciences and ecology. The greatest advances of the recent past requirement combination of technology which include ecosystem and biodiversity study, biotechnology aspect, proteomic and genomic studies leading to metagenomic and the healthcare using the diagnosis, prevention of disorder and disease. The combination of multidisciplinary research in plants, animals, microorganisms their interaction and the molecular biology, genetic engineering approaches and their advances in cell biology research has taken the life sciences, to the greatest extent for the wide horizons of life. This book deals with the recent trends in life sciences and will be beneficial for the postgraduates and research scholars of life sciences, environmental sciences, molecular biologist and biotechnologists.

1- Biodiversity and its Conservation Bhawana Pathak, and M.H. Fulekar 
2- Biodiversity of Phytoplankton, Zooplankton and Benthos in Bay of Bengal at East Coast
      of India, Andhra Pradesh Kankal, N.C. and Dhadse, Sharda 
3- Sustainable Development-Environment, Economic and Social Concept R.K. Kale and M.H. Fulekar 
4- Bioprospecting of Euphorbia nivulia Buch.-Ham. Raghunath T. Mahajan and Shamkant B. Badgujar 
5- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AM Fungi): A Potential Tool for Augmenting Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Sibi Balachandran and Seema Mishra 
6- Interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and N-fixing bacteria, rhizobium Mohammad Miransari 
7- Biotechnology: Applications for Conservation and Sustainable use of Plants of Fragile Arid Ecosystems Narpat Singh Shekhawat, Mahendra Phulwaria, Harish, Amit Kumar Gupta, Kheta Ram, Smita Shekhawat, Vibha JB, Manoj Kumar Rai, Vinod Kataria, Gurdeep Kaur, Ashok Kumar Patel, Jitendra Singh Rathore and R.P. Singh 
8- Advancement in Environment Biotechnology: Applications of Bioinformatics in Bioremediation Jaya Sharma and M.H. Fulekar 
9- Replacement of Pine by Oak in Central Himalaya and its Implications in Forest Management S.C. Garkoti 
10- The Bioelectromagnetics: Present Explorations N.K. Tiwari, R.A. Khan and M.Y. Khan 11- Antioxidant Enzymes: A Mode of Defense Mechanism during the Process of Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals Anwesha M. Bhaduri and M.H. Fulekar 
12- Reuse and Recycling of Treated Distillery Spent WashA Novel Approach Vasanthy, M., Thamarai, C., Swabna, A. and A. Karthiga 
13- Uptake of Chromium And Inorganic Nutrients from Aqueous Solutions by Two Aquatic Plants Leena Appavoo, Ackmez Mudhoo and Arvinda Kumar Ragen 
14- Smog Pollution (PAN and Ozone): A Case Study of Delhi Sanyogita, Amit Prakash, Pradip Bauri, Ujjwal Kumar, Krishan Kumar and V.K. Jain 
15- METAGENOMICS: A Novel Techniques and Approaches for Uncultured Micro Organisms M.H. Fulekar and Bhawana Pathak 
16- Nodulated Native Legumes in an Arid Environment of Indian Thar Desert Dheeren Panwar, Nisha Tak and H.S. Gehlot 
17- Current Trends in Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Cancer Anitha Kartha, R.K. Kale, and Rana P. Singh 
18- The Immune System / Sleep Benefits in Health and Cognition Vibha Madan and Sushil K. Jha 
19- Climate Change: India s Perspection, Policies and Action Plans for Sustainable Development M.H. Fulekar, Bhawana Pathak and Jyoti Fulekar 
  •  Presents a compilation of the recent trends in the interdisciplinary fields of life sciences, spread across 20 chapters.
  • Brings out the contours of the newer areas of specialization as a result of technological advancements and their usage in life-science research. 
  • Discusses topics like biodiversity and its conservation, sustainable development, bioprospecting, carbon dioxide sequestration, microbial interactions, cancer research, etc. 
  • All chapters all well supported with tables and pictures for a better understanding.
  • Provides an abstract for each chapter.
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