Restructuring Electric Power System
Restructuring Electric Power System

Tags: Restructuring Electric Power Systems, Engineering/Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, SK Gupta

Restructuring Electric Power System

"Restructuring Electric Power System gives readers a thorough understanding of the technology involved in this very recent advance field. Electricity is a commodity with several features that distinguish it from other goods and services. It cannot be stored and its instant transmission requires a network of wires. A pre-requisite for ensuring orderly transportation of electricity under new regulatory environment is the creation of an independent entity that would channelize and control its flow in an optimum manner and without any discrimination, just as a traffic policeman or air traffic controller does in respect of traffic flowing to and from several directions. This causes several issues which are dealt by this book systematically. This book shall be useful as text/reference to field engineers, undergraduate, postgraduate students and the research scholars working in this field. MATLAB M-files and SIMULINK have been included in some of the numerical examples to assist the analysis. Thus, the book includes topics power flow analysis, Power trading, restructured market, market forces and transmission issues, ATC, congestion management, AGC and ancillary services. Please assure to collect author's another book on ""TRUE MANAGEMENT"" as complimentary copy with this book. The book on true management is against the social obligation of the author towards the society. Therefore the cost of TRUE MANGEMENT book is not embedded in the price of this book and is therefore provided completely free of cost."

1. Introduction
2. Load Flow Studies
3. Restructured Market
4. Power Trading
5. Market Power And Transmission Pricing
6. Ancillary Services Management
7. ATC
8. Congestion Management
9. Load Frequency Control Under Deregulated Environment"



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