Spillway Clarified
Spillway Clarified

Tags: Spillway Clarified, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, M.J. Deodhar

Spillway Clarified

Spillways are structures which provide controlled release of excess water from dams and reservoirs. This release is of utmost importance otherwise the excess water can damage the dams and cause devastation. This book will be useful for the final year degree & diploma courses, and practicing engineers. The book broadly discuses various types of spillways, their designs, control structures, energy dissipation arrangements and their safety aspects. Written in question-answer format to help students grab the subject quickly and to the point, it contains 30 numerical examples alongwith 110 diagrams to understand the theory part. Due to its format it will be highly useful to students in viva voce and competitive examinations.
1. Introduction
2. Control Structure
3. Energy Dissipation Arrangement
4. Field Practices Appendices Bibliography Index.
"• The book deals with control structure, energy dissipation arrangements, and field practices.
• The subject matter is in question-answer format with a lot of solved examples.
• Provides numerical problems at the end of each chapter, with an answer key.
• Profusely illustrated with line drawings, pictures, and tables for clear understanding of the subject.
• Multiple choice questions with answer key, co-ordinate systems, fundamental units and derived units, conversion table for S.I. units, relevant Indian standards, and different types of energy dissipation arrangement adopted are provided in the appendices. "


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