Surveying and Levelling Volume-II
Surveying and Levelling Volume-II

Tags: Surveying and Levelling Volume-II, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, S.S Bhavikatti

Surveying and Levelling Volume-II

"This book is meant for the second course on Surveying and Levelling. It covers all the advanced methods of surveying including remote sensing and GIS. New in this edition A new chapter ""Photogrammetry"" has been added in the present edition to make the book up to date and more beneficial for the students. Diploma and degree students of civil engineering, architecture and mining will find this book useful. Salient Feature: • Covers theory with simple and precise explanations. • Text illustrated with generous use of diagrams, latest photographs and tables. • Provides a number of solved problems for clear understanding of the subject. "
1. Tacheometry
2. Circular Curves
3. Transition Curves
4. Vertical Curves
5. Precise Levelling
6. Precise Theodolites
7. Electromagnetic Distance Measurement
8. Total Station
9. Construction Surveying
10. Hydrographic Surveying
11. Topographic Surveying
12. Route Survey
13. Mine Surveying
14. Triangulation
15. Theory of Errors and Adjustment of Measurement
16. Remote Sensing
17. Geographic Information System
18. Photogrammetry Index


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