Surveying Theory and Practice
Surveying Theory and Practice

Tags: Surveying Theory and Practice, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, K.S. Jagadish

Surveying Theory and Practice

The book deals entire surveying theory and practice to be studied by civil engineering students. It covers all basic methods of surveying like chain surveying, compass surveying, plane table surveying , theodolite surveying and explain use of levels, contouring etc. It also covers modern methods of leveling like stations, photogram metric surveying and remote sensing, astronomical survey is also covered .Application of surveying to engineering projects, calculation of areas and volumes of earthwork involved in the field work are explained and illustrated with problems. New in this edition: Apart from making some corrections and revisions at some places one new chapter "Photogrammetry" has been added to this edition. Diploma and degree students of civil engineering, architecture and mining will find this book useful.
Errors in Surveying Measurement of Horizontal Distances using chain and tape Chain Surveying Angle and Direction Measurements with Compass Compass Surveying Plane Table Surveying Levelling Contouring Theodolite Surveying Trigonometric Levelling Permanent Adjustment of Dumpy level and theodolite Computation of areas Computation of Volumes Minor Instrurments Tacheometry Circular Curves Transition Curves Vertical Curves Precise Levelling Precise Theodolites Electromagnetic Distance Measurement Total Station Constructions Surveying Hydrographic Surveying Topographic Surveying Route Survey Mine Surveying Triangulation Theory of Errors and Adjustment of Measurements Remote Sensing Geographic Information System Astronomical Survey Photogrammetry


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